Client details in WHMCS templates

In client area templates you can access most of client details for your needs.

$clientsdetails is associative very handful array:

{$clientsdetails.userid} => ID coming from tblclients
{$} => ID coming from tblclients (yes they are same, maybe it can be different in some cases?)
{$clientsdetails.firstname} => First Name
{$clientsdetails.lastname} => Last Name
{$clientsdetails.companyname} => Company Name
{$} => Email
{$clientsdetails.address1} => Address line 1
{$clientsdetails.address2} => Address line 2
{$} => City
{$clientsdetails.state} => State
{$clientsdetails.postcode} => Zipcode
{$} => Country code (e.g. US, CA)
{$clientsdetails.countryname} => Country full name
{$clientsdetails.phonenumber} => Phone number
{$clientsdetails.notes} => Admin notes on client
{$clientsdetails.password} => Hashed or encoded password
{$clientsdetails.currency} => Currency ID coming from tlbcurrencies
{$clientsdetails.cctype} => Credir Card type (Visa, Amex etc)
{$clientsdetails.cclastfour} => Credit Card last 4 digits
{$clientsdetails.securityqid} => Security question ID
{$clientsdetails.securityqans} => Answer for security question (shouldnt it be not accessable?)
{$clientsdetails.groupid} => Client group ID
{$clientsdetails.status} => Status (Active, Inactive, Closed)
{$} => Amount of credit applied
{$clientsdetails.taxexempt} => “Don’t Apply Tax to Invoices” setting
{$clientsdetails.latefeeoveride} => “Don’t Apply Late Fees” setting
{$clientsdetails.overideduenotices} => “Don’t Send Overdue Emails” setting
{$clientsdetails.separateinvoices} => “Separate Invoices for Services” setting
{$clientsdetails.disableautocc} => “Disable Automatic CC Processing” setting
{$clientsdetails.language} => Client language (can be empty, depends on settings)
{$clientsdetails.lastlogin} => Last login info (same as you see in admin summary)
{$clientsdetails.customfields1} => Custom fields value 1
{$clientsdetails.customfields2} => Custom fields value 2
{$clientsdetails.customfields3} => Custom fields value 3 etc
{$clientsdetails.billingcid} => any ideas what is that?

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  • Hi,

    the answer as your question:

    {$clientsdetails.billingcid} => any ideas what is that?


    in WHMCS “billingcid” is the contact number to be used for billing


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