Client login depending on its status

I was testing what the client will see in his area depending on its status (Active, Inactive, Closed). I was wondering why I keep login successfully when client has “Closed” status? Again and again I changed status and saw the client is still able to login.

The reason was pretty straightforward and very surprisingly to me: I was logged in as administrator.

So here’s my little advice: test client area on different browser with admin logged off.

P.S. I still don’t get why do we need “Inactive” status at all? To track those clients who don’t have active services? And does it changes automatically (on cron run I guess)?

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    • hmm, no, you didn’t get my point: the status is not changed, you just will be ALWAYS available to log in if you are logged as admin at the same time.

  • you can have inactive clients which want to buy something in the future using his existing account. It is not possible if the status is “Closed” but it is for “Inactive” clients.

    • so this is just manual status for admin, just to mark that certain client is not active anymore?
      or is it somehow updated automatically by system cron?

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